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Mind Meld 4 | Erik Davis and Michael Garfield

LISTEN ON ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Welcome back friends and thank you for once again plugging your consciousness into our nest for catma-filled novelty nuggets! Erik Davis is an author, scholar and lecturer. His tremendous book, Techgnosis Myth Magic and Mysticism In the Age of Information draws novel, fascinating correlations between technology and mysticism.   Michael Garfield is an […]

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MIND MELD 3 | Daniele Bolelli – Professor, Savage, Author, Philosopher, Boob Poet

Seeking a show about angry goats, psychedelic gnosis and Theodore Roosevelt? Then congratulations my friend, you’ve found your grail! LISTEN ON ITUNES ARCHIVE STITCHER YOUTUBE To everyone else rereading that seemingly nonsensical combination of topics: no, the forceps of destiny didn’t get drunk on the job and start plopping subject matter into reality at random with zero care, I […]

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ITUNES ARCHIVE The very idea of an “episode zero” causes a revolving Pizza Pizzaz -like cycle of anxiety and conflict in my ego. I get that anxious indigestion in the old bowls because I know this is the place where I’m supposed to hook you in and make you excited about this show and tell you […]

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