Mind Meld 225 | Living Myths with Dr. Ido Cohen

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Are the Gods real in some sense? Mythopoetic Psychologist, Ido Cohen returns to the mind meld to discuss.


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There’s no doubt about it– myth and mind are deeply intertwined. Still, we take for granted that we are the architects of myth. That there’s no way it could be authoring us– or is there?

Inverting the equation in this way makes the gods real in a sense. Mental in nature, yet real. It’s a lot to ponder, and ponder it, thinkers like Carl Jung and James Hillman did. In fact, it’s an idea that’s core to Hillman’s archetypal psychology. But, if I were to go any further, we’d be overlapping with content in the pod, so let’s dive in.

In this one, we rap with Dr. Ido Cohen, a practitioner, and scholar of Jung and Hillman’s techniques. Topics include the above, the importance of dreams, finding and losing purpose, psychedelics, and more.

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