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Mind Meld 225 | Living Myths with Dr. Ido Cohen

Hear the patron-only portion of this podcast with Ido and Michael by joining us on Patreon Are the Gods real in some sense? Mythopoetic Psychologist, Ido Cohen returns to the mind meld to discuss. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Don’t miss a technodelic transmission– Review and Subscribe on iTunes There’s no doubt about it– myth and mind are […]

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Mind Meld 182 | Giving Birth to a New Myth with Charles Eisenstein

Support us and get rewards on patreon! Author and speaker Charles Eisenstein enters the mind meld to chat about a better future, the new myth that’s emerging, the psychedelic revolution and oodles more. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Help us out! — Review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts This is the era of the gray area. For instance, […]

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Mind Meld 102 | The Soul of the Blockchain with Michael Garfield

For rewards and podcast extras, become a patron Writer, musician, artist, and Future Fossils host, Michael Garfield returns for another technodelic tete-a-tete. We chat cryptocurrency, how the blockchain mimics natural systems, the nature of information, history, evolution, the esoteric evolution of money and more! Michael P. riffs on the importance questioning unshakable paradigms. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Give us a psychic […]

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