Mind Meld 241 | Sharing the Medicine — A potent trip report with Erick Godsey

Myth-wielder, Erick Godsey returns to the mind meld to share the tale of his transformative Ayahuasca initiation.


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Moments of becoming rarely solidify into a small measure of time. As Carl Jung waxed, individuating, the quest to become who we’re uniquely meant to be, is not something that can be rushed. But, there are instances of increased evolutionary gravity. Times of opportunity or kairos, as the Greeks called them. 

These moments typically strike when we least expect them, but they can also, to an extent, be architected.

In the case of this podcast, these architects are shamans– masters in the way of surfing the subconscious symbolic subtleties of the human mind. But human beings dedicated to the art of transmitting transformative initiatory signals are only half of the equation. The participant has to, as a receptor in the brain, be ready to receive that and make sense of that signal. If one or the other is corrupted or incomplete, the whole affair isn’t going to amount to a kairotic, transformative event.

All of that said, I’m careful about letting these experiences run totally wild over this show. I’m only interested in skilled interpreters– people able to not only make sense of, contextualize, and integrate the experience for themselves, but have a way of bringing that medicine to the audience.

That’s what we have in this mind meld my friends. Erick Godsey is one of these skilled translators of numinosity. For that reason, not only did I want to give him an opportunity to share his entheogenic adventure, I really let him take the reigns in this pod.

With that, Erick is a longtime (hear our numerous other mind melds here) friend of both myself and the show. He hosts the Myths That Make Us podcast. He’s also a facilitator of personal development as well as a voracious autodidactic of psychology, myth, and psychonautic exploration.