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How To Find Your Soul with Plato, Carl Jung and James Hillman

Mythopoetic psychologists like Carl Jung and James Hillman knew we needed to re-ensoul the psyche if we wanted to find real purpose in life. But what does that really mean? How do we even begin to go about understanding and finding our souls? In this transmission, I’ll attempt to answer those questions through ancient Platonic wisdom, the thought of Jung and Hillman, and, of course, some speculative wonder-dipping.

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The Secret Language of Archetypes with Laurence Hillman Ph.D | Mind Meld 350

Laurence holds a Ph.D. in psychology, is the author of Planets in Play, and co-creator of Archetypes at Work — a method to assess and develop individuals and organizations based on archetypal theory. Laurence is also the son of the late psychologist and author, James Hillman, a thinker who’s been a huge influence on my personal philosophy.

In this mind meld, we riff on the power of archetypes, the influence of Carl Jung, find meaning in the modern world, the powerful and polarizing art of astrology (which Laurence is a longtime practitioner of), and much more.

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