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Majestic Enormity with Erick Godsey

Michael riffs about his awe-inspiring trip to Sedona and the potency of natural wonder. We also let the wonder juice loose on a previously patron-only riff session with everyone’s favorite mythologist, psychology extraordinaire, and Myths That Make Us host, Erick Godsey.

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Mind Meld 234 | Dissolve and Transmute with East Forest

Sonic wizard, East Forest enters the mind meld to talk creating your own culture, transformational psychology, initiation and more! LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Don’t miss a technodelic transmission– Review and Subscribe on iTunes Crowd-sponsor the show and get rewards on Patreon! Trevor ‘East Forest’ Oswalt is a unique bird in the Wild West aviary of electronic-chamber music, […]

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