Life As An Art with Dr. Miles Neale | Mind Meld 251

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Contemplative psychotherapist, Dr. Miles Neale returns to the mind meld to riff on why life is an art, how to keep the sacred alive without dogma, navigating the meaning crisis, the timeless wisdom of Joseph Campbell, and much more.

Check out his new course on the gradual path here. His book, Gradual Awakening: The Tibetan Buddhist Path of Becoming Fully Human is available now.


When you come across a quote, an idea, a song, whatever the medium is, and it strikes your very core with an inspirational, poignant choking sensation, What is that? What’s that deep tingling resonance trying to tell us?

In those moments it seems like we’re querying something verging on the beyond. We’re experiencing something at the limit of the human experience that doesn’t really exist on a physical level, yet it happens to our whole body. It’s almost like a deep remembering, an anamnetic ping from beyond what we’re not capable of fully processing.

Of course, it could just be that I lack the physiological or neurochemical understanding to explain it properly… 

But, the former assumption that there are mysterious moments that interlock with our physiology and neurology in supernormal ways holds weight because that experience has a subjective gravity to it that needs no further explanation. I’m not saying we shouldn’t investigate it, I am saying its importance feels self-evident when you’re getting blasted by it.

Just before recording this one with my wonder brother, Dr. Miles Neale I received such a blast from a Joeseph Campbell quote. I proceeded to turn Miles on to it and a lovely thing happened— We mind mined the quote together during this pod and it just kept yielding more wonder blasts. The result was a firey podcast that I’m truly excited to birth.

Dr. Miles Neale himself also seems to hold a wonder wand because I always leave our mind melds super fired up. This one is definitely no exception.

If you haven’t heard our previous pods, Miles is a psychologist and a Buddhist teacher, who’s been on the path for over 20 years.

In this pod, we riff on why we must evolve our sense of the sacred, the meaning crisis that’s crippling millions of people, the informational warfare permitting public discourse, why waking up is actually a defined path, and so much more!

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