A Mind Like the Sun with Brandon Beachum | Mind Meld 250

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Host of Positive Head and entrepreneur, Brandon Beachum enters the mind meld to muse about the power of thought and his new book, the Golden Key. You can get it by paying whatever amount you want here, or by using the code “thirdeyedrops.”

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When it comes to roiling ontological questions that make my mind throb with dread and wonder into the wee hours, the nature of consciousness is right up there. That is, is consciousness just physical? Can it be fully explained by complex interactions of neurotransmitters and electricity jutting through neuronal networks? Or is there something more? Is there a fundamental force of consciousness that we’re all somehow tapped into?

If there is, so many possibilities open up. The subjective experience of being human gains mysterious new layers of meaning and significance.

Host of the Positive Head podcast, Brandon Beachum is definitely a proponent of the latter. Not only does he push the idea, he’s really doing it. He’s actually successful at what he does and, more importantly,  he goes to lengths to elevate others along with himself.

Case in point, he has a book out called The Golden Key. If you want to check it out, you can do so for free and only pay after the fact if it tickles your wonder pickle. That and, full transparency, we split whatever you do decide to pay, 50/50, if you use our affiliate code ‘thirdeyedrops’.