Befriending Chaos with Jennifer Sodini | Mind Meld 249

Author, entrepreneur, and consciousness adventurer, Jennifer Sodini returns to the mind meld to riff on consciousness, conspiracy, and bringing mysticism down to earth.

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Is there any mystery that will elude all empirical inquiry? How much, if any, free will do we have if technology can predict 99% of our actions? How do we leave room for the numinous without succumbing to esoteric gobbledygook? We riff on these questions and more!

I’ve been wiggling my way through a couple of potent books this month– Flourish by Martin Seligman and one of my favorites, (which i’m rereading for the Third Eye Drops patron book club), Soul’s Code by James Hillman. Though both respective authors are psychologists, they’re cut from very different philosophical cloth. Seligman is a research-based, tenured academic, and Hillman comes from the Jungian lineage where myth and symbol reign.

Still, there’s a surprisingly large overlap in their bottom line. That is, both emphasize that if we want to find meaning and purpose, we must identify what we’re pulled to do just for the sake of it. If we want to flourish, we must listen to the whisper of our own uniqueness. We must make space to free ourselves from the slobbering jaws of the outside world’s expectations. If we don’t, we’ll never find what we’re intrinsically pulled toward. We’ll never learn to actually converse with our internal voice, much less find a way to verb in service of it.

Speaking of verbing in service of our inner voice, we’ve got Jenn Sodini back in the mind meld. She’s the creator of the wildly successful Amenti Oracle and it’s follow-up, Everyday Amenti. Jenn also hosts the Radio Amenti podcast, and, most importantly, she’s a longtime friend.

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