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The Forbidden Ancient Wisdom of the Gnostics, Escaping Plato’s Cave & Carl Jung with Bob Peck | Mind Meld 386

Author, Bob Peck returns to the mind meld to explore the highly suppressed, even persecuted wisdom of the so-called Gnostics. What was their philosophy and metaphysical outlook? Who are the movement’s major figures? Why did religious authorities attempt to destroy any trace of their existence? What wisdom do they still have to offer us today? Why was Carl Jung so fascinated by…

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Decoding Dreams & Unlocking Your Unconscious Potential with Carl Jung

In this transmission, we explore the mysterious realm of dreams. We’ll riff on how to decode their hidden meanings to gain insight into the unconscious realm of psyche and, ultimately, contribute to what Jung called individuation. We’ll be pulling heavily from the work of Jungian analyst and author, Robert A. Johnson and his fabulous book, Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth. 

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