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Claiming the Sword with Dr. Miles Neale and Phil Jacobs | Mind Meld 270

*Crowd-sponsor us and get rewards on Patreon* Contemplative psychologist, Dr. Miles Neale and sound therapist, Phil Jacobs enter the mind meld to pull the psychic sword from the stone. In this one, we muse about the importance of internalizing mythological images, contemplative Buddhism, how to integrate through story, why the archetype of alchemical transformation reaches […]

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Words Are Vibrations with James McCrae | Mind Meld 269

James McCrae (aka, wordsarevibrations) is a meme artist and the author of How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis, which you can preorder now.  In this one, we riff about the evolution of creativity, the importance of maintaining a romantic, spiritual disposition, the intersection of ancient wisdom and memes, and much more […]

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Something Beyond the Normal with Jennifer Sodini and Mike Brancatelli | A Live Mind Meld From Austin

*Join the wonder lodge and get rewards on Patreon* LISTEN | ITUNES SPOTIFY YOUTUBE ARCHIVE  Don’t miss a technodelic transmission– Review and Subscribe on iTunes In this live mind meld from Austin, we riff on the science of wonder, how awe and mystery make us healthier, why humans thrive when they balance the mystery and the mundane, responsibly mixing […]

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