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Playing the Infinite Game with Erick Godsey | Mind Meld 318

You may be familiar with the hindu concept of Lila — “a way of describing all of reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute”, as my favorite definition puts it. Sounds unlikely at first, but the game (in the most meta sense) is a powerful metaphor. It extends to practically every imaginable dimension of life. So, is it possible that we’re we unwitting players in a kind of absolute omni-game?

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Meeting Chaos Halfway with Sarah Zucker | Mind Meld 315

The wise and whimsical, Sarah Zucker returns! In this one, we muse about the importance of reconnecting with wonder, the puzzle that is the so-called mystery initiations of the ancient world, whether or not human beings have an essential spiritual purpose, how Sarah stays connected with creative inspiration, and more!

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