Lost Ancient Wisdom, Consciousness, Carl Jung & Plato | Bruce MacLennan, PhD | Mind Meld 361

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Dr. Bruce MacLennan enters the mind meld! 


In this brain-melting transmission, we talk consciousness, the link between Carl Jung and hidden ancient wisdom, platonism, why the platonic realm of forms is logically inescapable, the mysterious esoteric practice known to the ancient Greeks as “theurgy,” why ancient philosophy is more important than ever, and much more.

Bruce J. MacLennan, Ph.D. is a professor and author with forty years of experience studying ancient Greek philosophy and religion. He has published journal articles and book chapters on Neoplatonic spiritual practices, Jungian psychology, and neurotheology. He is Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Tennessee where he had a special interest in neural networks, swarm robotics and emergent phenomena in artificial systems. 

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