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Lost Ancient Wisdom, Consciousness, Carl Jung & Plato | Bruce MacLennan, PhD | Mind Meld 361

Bruce J. MacLennan, Ph.D. enters the mind meld!
In this brain-melting transmission, we talk consciousness, the link between Carl Jung and hidden ancient wisdom, platonism, why the platonic realm of forms is logically inescapable, the mysterious esoteric practice known to the ancient Greeks as “theurgy,” why ancient philosophy is more important than ever, and much more.

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The Secret Science of Synchronicity, Carl Jung & Plato | Erick Godsey | Mind Meld 360

Writer, podcaster, and consciousness explorer, Erick Godsey returns! In this one, we muse thoroughly about the phenomenon of synchronicity along with a little-known but plausible explanation for how and why they happen. We also riff on the philosophy of Plato, Carl Jung, what Erick calls “cathedral consciousness,” the mental pitfalls of the spiritual path, and more!

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Ancient Wisdom, Archetypes, and the Psyche with Psychologist, Dr. Miles Neale | Mind Meld 359

Psychologist, author, and long-time Tibetan Buddhist, Dr. Miles Neale returns!
In this one, we muse about lost ancient knowledge, whether or not we’re heading toward mass awakening or delusion, and Miles’ painful decision to put his spiritual life first (which involved moving his family to the other side of the world). We also riff on the importance of Carl Jung, Tibetan Buddhism, trusting psyche, and much more.

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