Carl Jung and the Secret Language of Dreams | Machiel Klerk

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Psychotherapist, founder of Jung Platform and author of Dream Guidance, Machiel Klerk enters the mind meld! In this one, we riff on the mysterious realm of dreams.

*This episode is a video re-release of mind meld 319, which, up until now, was audio only. Audio version also listed below.*


Musings in this mind meld include:

  • What is the intelligence inside of dreaming?
  • What does the dreaming intelligence want?
  • What can the dream intelligence tell us about who we are?
  • How can we deepen our relationship with the dream intelligence
  • Why do dreams speak in symbol and metaphor?
  • What is ‘dream incubation’ and why have people been practicing it for thousands of years? 
  • What was Carl Jung’s philosophy on dreams?

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