Synchronicity and the Secret Structure of Reality with Carl Jung, Rodger Penrose and Plato

In this transmission, we revisit Jung’s ever-interesting concept of synchronicity through some exciting new (and ancient) lenses.


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There’s nothing like experiencing a really compelling synchronicity. As I said in my last transmission on the topic, it’s like a glitch in the matrix orchestrated just for you. In that same video, I covered a lot of the basics of synchronicity according to the man who coined the term, Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung.

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That said, I also shied away from some big questions — What is synchronicity? Can we construct a compelling architecture for synchronicity that’s plausible? Can you and should you try to bring more synchronicity into your life? Now that I’ve gathered some new information, I think we can answer those questions.

The dark synchronicity example referenced in the video:

“At about two o’clock – I must have just fallen asleep – I awoke with a start, and had the feeling that someone had come into the room; I even had the impression that the door had been hastily opened. I instantly turned on the light, but there was nothing. Someone might have mistaken the door, I thought, and I looked into the corridor. But it was still as death. “Odd,” I thought, “someone did come into the room!” Then I tried to recall exactly what had happened, and it occurred to me that I had been awakened by a feeling of dull pain, as though something had struck my forehead and then the back of my skull. The following day I received a telegram saying that my patient had committed suicide. He had shot himself. Later, I learned that the bullet had come to rest in the back wall of the skull.”

Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

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