Healing Through the Numinous, Carl Jung, and Micro-dosing Terror with Dr. Ido Cohen | Mind Meld 264

Psychologist Dr. Ido Cohen returns to the mind meld!

In this one, we riff about the healing power of the numinous, Carl Jung, why it’s important to microdose terror, the mythopoetic symbolism of space travel, and more!


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One of the key balancing acts involved in trying to sense make, not just in these exceptionally odd times, but in general, is as follows — How does one acknowledge and accept life’s painful, dark, and rotten while not letting it pin your psyche into nihilistic jaded submission?

That said, we also don’t need more bypassing or diminishment of the world’s problems. So, the question becomes how do we process the whole with all of its scars and blemishes while focusing on and accentuating the positive in a constructive way?

This theme of accentuating the positive runs throughout this mind meld with my friend, Dr. Ido Cohen.

Ido is a psychologist and something of a mystic. That is, he’s greatly interested in the nature and development of the psyche through the lens of myth, dreams, and transpersonal experiences in the tradition of Carl Jung, James Hillman, and other luminaries in that vein.

You can deepen your affiliation with Ido’s ideas via his course, Psychedelics and the Shadow here. Ido is also the co-founder of the Integration Circle in San Francisco. You can find out more about them on Instagram.

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