Dreams, The Underworld, Authenticity, and Carl Jung with Kyle Buller | Mind Meld 265

Psychotherapist and Psychedelics Today co-founder, Kyle Buller returns to the mind meld!

We riff on the importance of levelheadedness, the nature of dreams, the well of weirdness and synchronicity that surrounds conspiracy theories, why teaspoons of change are sometimes preferable to full-blown leaps of faith, Carl Jung, James Hillman, and loads more!


We value being right more than just about anything. That, or at least taking a valiant stand on an issue. But, I’d argue that there’s an approach that requires more bravery and even leans closer to the truth.

Here’s what it consists of — Staying level-headed, open-minded, and clear-eyed in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

That is when circumstances are murky, as they almost always are, how is it particularly courageous to choose a side or rush to an opinion? From where I’m sitting, that looks a lot more like grasping for something solid and comfortable than reaching for truth. What actually requires courage is choosing to tolerate the discomfort of chaos and uncertainty until there’s really something worth reaching for.

Speaking of open-mindedness and level heads, my wonder brother Kyle Buller is back in the mind meld. He’s the co-founder of Psychedelics Today and a psychotherapist. This one was truly an effortless flow of linguistic idea enhancement and cognitive dissonance surfing. We riff on the above, the importance of suspending belief (and disbelief for that matter) as well as much else– Carl Jung, misunderstandings about dream analysis, how conspiracy theories are a kind of psychic tractor beam that attract weirdness and synchronicity, why teaspoons of change are sometimes preferable to full blown leaps of faith and loads more.

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