Mind Meld 226 | Something Is Working Its Way | Mitch Schultz

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Mitch Schultz is a filmmaker (DMT the Spirit Molecule, Huachuma) who leverages his artistic talents to open minds, educate, and encourage exploration. 

He’s currently working on a sequel to DMTTSM and is a producer on the new film, Way of the Psychonaut, which is out now.


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In this mind meld, we riff about the next chapter of the psychedelic revolution, why seeking is so valuable, rethinking our relationship to the planet, and more. 

Something is working its way.

Let’s take all the names out of the equation and just say that something is working it’s way. Names have a way of polluting the reality of the situation. A way of robbing it of its novelty with pre-formed images, concepts, and judgments that we’re used to. 

So let’s just remove all of that. Let’s recognize, for a moment, that something truly new and unnamed is working its way out of the unconscious dirt. A shift in the way we define ourselves and our relationship to the sacred is happening. A rethinking of our relationship to the planet and technology is occurring.

I think whatever it is, it hinges upon a rekindling of first-person, subjective, open-ended nondogmatic seeking.  A way of being that fully encompasses each individual in their uniqueness that, at the same time, buttresses the masses.

One of the most vital elements of really feeling that is, for many, are psychedelics. They have a way of flinging you right to the molten hot core of your own truth. Of forcing you to confront the shit you’ve swept under the rug. A way of engendering epiphanic states of mind where, suddenly, you know what it is you should do. You know what really matters, what’s eating away at you, and what’s feeding you.

Thankfully, we happen to be bopping around the planet earth in a time where psychedelics are being recognized for their profundity again, though I’d wager we’re beginning to see the ripple of their impact.

I also believe that we have art to thank for a significant portion of that impact. Films like DMT the Spirit Molecule, for instance. On that note, we’ve got the director of the said film, Mitch Schultz, back on the show.

Mitch is working on a Sequel to DMTTSM as well as Way of the Psychonaut, which profiles The Legendary Dr. Stan Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology and key figures in the psychedelic movement. You can check that out here. For more on Mitch, go here.

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