Mind Meld 227 | Where Gods and Devils Dance with Erick Godsey

Erick Godsey

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Autodidactic mythologist, psychology extraordinaire, and Myths That Make Us host, Erick Godsey returns to the mind meld!


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In this mind meld, we riff on James Hillman’s archetypal theory, why the Greek god Hermes seems to be everywhere, what Carl Jung meant when he said we were ‘being lived,’ trauma, and more!

Finding the time to shift your awareness from what’s buzzing around in the media to what’s happening in your inner media is of supreme importance. It’s not just an opportunity to take stock of how you feel (though that’s a good start), it’s a chance to reconnect with your psychic landscape. A chance to pay attention to what thoughts are arising. To note the ones that return again and again. To really feel the depth of your psychological weather. To taste the essence of the qualities permeating your mind, which, ultimately, culminate in your mood and outlook on life.

In facing inward regularly, our innerverse not only becomes more familiar and malleable, but more real. We actually root ourselves deeper into our own subjective reality and identify less with our outward-facing persona. And persona, in my opinion, is something the world needs a whole lot less of.

Which brings me to my man Erick Godsey– As you know if you’ve listened to our other mind melds, Erick has an infectious passionate way of talking about this inner world and its significance. Truth be told, we harmonize on nearly everything. As he says at the beginning of this one, it’s as if we have the same daemon whispering to us or something.

Erick has a massive, meaty new article up on his website centered around trauma and myth. Definitely have a look at that over at his website . You can also dive into his podcast, The Myths That Make Us there as well.

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