Mind Meld 228 | How To Laugh At the Cosmic Joke with Jennifer Sodini

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Author, entrepreneur, and consciousness adventurer, Jennifer Sodini returns to the mind meld to riff about the cosmic joke, conspirituality, the wisdom of myth, and more! 


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Our incredibly vulnerable and temporary incarnation doesn’t seem all that funny at first glance. That said, I do suspect that a kind of humor is woven into the human condition.

Wise folks allude to it all the time– Schopenhauer said “a sense of humor is the only divine quality of man.” The Dalai Lama always seems to laughing and goofing on people. The Dao De Jing is almost like a book of wise paradoxical put-ons. I mean, it’s a book about the Dao that starts out by saying, “first things first, the Dao that can be spoken of is not the true Dao” (an absolutely direct quote).

So perhaps there is a mischievous sense of humor playing permeating the aether.

Speaking of fun— My dear friend Jenn Sodini is back on the show. She’s definitely tapped into that creative playful frequency. This pod, more than any we’ve done, is informed by that emanation, I dare say.

What to say about Jenn—  She seems to be successful at everything she does. Whether it’s the social media game or being the creator of Amenti Oracle (and its upcoming follow-up, Everyday Amenti), she’s got it figured out. Jenn is also the host of the Radio Amenti podcast.

Get all the goods on Jenn and her upcoming book Everyday Amenti here.