Mind Meld 229 | The Immortality Key — Die Before You Die with Brian Muraresku

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Brian Muraresku is the bestselling author of The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name. It’s a vast, highly entertaining investigation of the use of visionary substances in the ancient world and, more deeply, what spirituality really was to our ancestors. 


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As you may know, my interests tend to be interests of intersections. I’ve even invented words for some of my favorite wonder junctions– The technodharma (how ancient wisdom intersects with novelty) and technodelic (how technology intersects with the psychedelia). Most of the time these are just phrases I flippantly use to point at loose ideas. But, where this mind meld is concerned, the terms really apply.

That is, we have the source of one of the most exciting, electric collisions of ancient and new right here on the show. His name is Brian Muraresku. He’s the author of a truly remarkable book, The Immortality Key: The Secret History Of the Religion With No Name.

The book is incredibly well-researched. It’s also just highly enjoyable. It is a true psychedelic Indiana Jones tale.

I’ve also got to gush about Brian’s linguistic prowess. The man speaks (and reads) ancient Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit among other languages. Given that, he has a unique ability to reference primary texts in their original languages. and offers a first-person perspective and that is very rare. It creates the perception that you really are glimpsing lost clues to a forgotten, magical history.

In this mind meld, we riff on–

  • Ancient initiatory traditions like the Eleusinian and Dionysian mysteries.
  • The lost art of greek contemplative practices
  • Why modern religions have largely become inert
  • How to connect back to the numinous directly
  • Was the original eucharist psychedelic?
  • Why the secret of it all is to “die before you die.”

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