Mind Meld 17 | Rick Strassman, THE STRASSMAN BIBLE

Dr. Rick Strassman is a researcher and author best known for his DMT studies and the book inspired by them, DMT The Spirit Molecule

Dr. Strassman’s newest work, DMT and the Soul of Prophecy explores the similarities between the visions of the biblical prophets and the DMT state described by his research volunteers.



By virtue of the time we were gooily extruded into this dimension, we’ve been charged with an odd task. We’ve got to grapple with cultural expectations, the informational techno-torrent we’re immersed in and we’ve got to work on ourselves. Making those disparate duties harmonize in a way in a way that makes some sort of existential sense can require some serious ontological gymnastics.

Or you can always go the willful ignorance route, that is an option. 

Anyway, let’s discuss the wonder of Dr. Rick Strassman. He’s most well known for DMT studies he orchestrated in the early 1990’s, which were immortalized in his book, DMT the Spirit Molecule (and a great documentary by the same name).  

You’re not familiar with the mystery of DMT, watch this. 

As the person behind those studies, Dr. Strassman sat with person after person having the most impactful, mysterious and sacred experiences of their lives and it fundamentally shifted his priorities. Since then, he’s been digging into the spiritual experiences outlined in sacred texts, juxtaposing them against the mystical experiences of the participants in his DMT studies. The similarities are striking. 

So to bring my musings full circle, Rick has made tantalizing progress when it comes to merging modernity and the mystical. He’s really one of the best, most well informed guides out there, so I highly encourage heading to his site when you wrap up here.

Musings in this Mind Meld –

  • The disinformation, censorship and demonization, of psychedelics and why it occurred
  • Mainstream psychedelic studies, media acceptance and whether or not it’s making a dent in the collective conditioning of society
  • Eastern philosophies and their relationship to psychedelic substances 
  • Bodhicitta  
  • Parallels between prophecy and psychedelics
  • Rick’s thoughts on whether or not psychedelic substances were involved in biblical prophecy 
  • Maimonides
  • Spinoza
  • Is true prophecy still around?
  • Mega-churches and alternate realities, mass altered-states 
  • What is prophecy?
  • Is consciousness completely self-generated, or are there other external influences on us we don’t understand?
  • Juxtaposing the western worldview against the shamanistic one
  • Finding value in esoteric texts that deal primarily with spiritual allegory
  • Rick’s understanding and definition of the notion of God
  • The cosmic law of cause and effect
  • The universe is made of vibration and resonance  



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