Mind Meld 16 | Nicolas Gregoriades, Excavating Your Ideal Self

Nic Gregoriades is a world class Jiujitsu black belt and founder of the Jiujitsu Brotherhood. He has traveled to the Amazon to partake in a number of Ayahuasca journeys. Nic also co-hosts the Digital Communion podcast.



Given your status as sentient entity with a degree of free will, it falls to you to decide what you’re doing here.  But before you reveal that “what,” there’s some work involved. You’ve got to do a some serious self-excavation. As Joseph campbell says, “your life evokes your character and you find our more about yourself as you go on.”

Though that sounds daunting and grandiose, I think there’s some relief wrapped up in that paradigm. In other words, there is no failure if you truly try. Failure only comes when you refuse your calling in favor of a cushy, mediocre, beige, Hotpocket™ life  where you live out your days as a simple-minded worker bee whose life energy is being outsourced to some slobbering, obese, vampiric oligarch chowing down on minimum wage man hours.

Anyway, Nic Gregoriades, has definitely given a hearty yes to the call of adventure in his life. He’s a world-class Jiujitsu black belt who travels the world teaching seminars. He’s the founder of Jiujitsu Brotherhood, he has traveled to the Amazon and partaken in a number of Ayahuasca ceremonies. He also co-hosts the Digital Communion podcast.

Musings in this chat include-

  • Habits versus micro-punishments
  • Meditation techniques
  • Working toward building your life around the things that attract you and dismissing the things that drain you
  • The importance of risks
  • You need to take life-changing leaps on your own, no one can do it for you
  • What is the higher self and how do you connect to it?
  • Mastery versus being good at something
  • Rules and when to break them
  • Inner exploration and how it impacts your view of reality
  • The film Labyrinth and hidden esoteric knowledge within it
  • Models of reality versus actual reality
  • Is there such a thing as truth?
  • The Platonic world of forms and importance of that worldview
  • The limits of human experience
  • Knowledge versus information
  • Is there such a thing as righteous conflict and correction?
  • The importance of exposing yourself the right information and reject the wrong kind

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