Mind Meld 222 | Arrival with Laura Krantz

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Journalist and host of Wild Thing: Space Invaders, Laura Krantz, returns to the mind meld to get extraterrestrial.

Wild Thing is an audio documentary that digs into the search for extraterrestrial life with everyone from scientists to speculators. Get into it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.


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Among the most stupefying and tantalizing mysteries of our time is whether or not we’re alone. Not only the universe but here on earth. Could there be other more advanced residents? Are we being visited? I seriously cannot imagine being a curiosity-equipped human and not having wondered about it. 

Given that, when this opportunity to wonder-dip with Laura Krantz popped up I was eager to do it. She’s been spelunking deep into this very rabbit hole for her series, Wild Thing, an NPR-style audio documentary about the extraterrestrial phenomenon. On that note, Laura did spend a number of years working for NPR, so she’s not just playing the part. She has the chops. Also, she’s open-minded yet critical and discerning, qualities this subject needs.

Wild Thing, Space Invaders is out now. Hear it wherever you listen to podcasts.

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