Mind Meld 223 | One Endless Mind with Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

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Idealist philosopher, Bernardo Kastrup enters the Mind Meld!

Bernardo holds Ph.D.s in philosophy and computer engineering. He’s worked for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). His ideas have been featured in publications like Scientific American, the Institute of Art and Ideas, Big Think, and more.


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No matter what you’re doing, thinking or feeling there is only one omnipresent constant— Your mind. You cannot separate yourself from it. Wherever you are, so is it with all of its depth and mystery.

So, if you listen to these mind melds, you know — I’ve dedicated a considerable chunk of Chronos to the topic of consciousness. I really believe it’s one of the defining mysteries of the human experience.

Given that, I seek out people with novel ideas on the realm of ideas. That said, there two things I’m always looking for in a consciousness-based guest. 1 — Rigor. Someone who has really done the work. Without it, it’s just too easy to overstep when you’re talking about a topic so inherently subjective. It’s too easy to meander into “I don’t know mannnnn, I just have a feeling that I’m connected to the cosmic consciousness…” territory.

2— Humbleness. Someone that has managed to maintain a willingness to bow to the mystery.

That equation of rigor and humbleness implies a beautiful sum– A recognition that, even after really doing the work, truly looking under every pebble and gaining insight, I still, above all, know that I don’t know shit.

It’s a rare and special thing.

And, my god, do we have a special being on this podcast. His name is Dr. Bernardo Kastrup. Truthfully, I had high expectations for this mind meld and I have to say they were exceeded. 

For more on Bernardo checkout his website.

Musings in this mind meld include:

  • The problem with materialism
  • Why Bernardo believes reality is fundamentally mental, not physical
  • How the mystical experience implies idealism
  • Why we’re integral to the evolution of consciousness 

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