Mind Meld 221 | Create Your Own Calm with Meera Lee Patel

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Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist and best-selling author of several works including My Friend Fear, Start Where You Are and her latest, Create Your Own Calm.


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In this mind meld, we riff about the link between creative inclinations and destiny, artistic intuition, tolerating and escaping soul-sucking day jobs, and how creativity connects you to your place in the world.

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Why is it that we have an innate aesthetic bias? Why is it that we’re drawn to certain art, ideas, and philosophies? What compels us to go deeper into those interests? Yes, you could conjure up mundane reasons for all of the above, but there’s something about our personal tapestry that’s mysterious. Something that evades reductionist explanation.

Whatever it is, when you’re courageous enough to follow it, magical, self-affirming, identity-defining things tend to happen.

So I always love to hear successful tales of creative courage to that effect, and this is a stellar one. More specifically, we’ve got the lovely and talented Meera Lee Patel in the mind meld! She’s the author of several magnificent journals including Start Where You Are, Made Out of Stars, and her latest, Create Your Own Calm.

For more on her and her books, pop your vision balls at her binary portal.