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Mind Meld 134 | The Myths That Make Us with Erick Godsey

For rewards and podcast extras, become a Patreon patron Erick Godsey is a self-styled psychology extraordinaire and self-spelunking mystic who hangs out at the intersection of Carl Jung and Robert Anton Wilson. In this mind meld, Erick and I rap about some lesser-known nooks and crannies of the life of the great psychologist-mystic Carl Jung, […]

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We Fasted For Three Days, This Is Our Tale.

Michael and friend, psychologist, budding mythologist and podcaster, Erick Godsey completed a three-day fast earlier this month. It’s not all bellyaching (figurative or literal), there are all sorts of benefits, both physical and mental associated with fasting. That and I’m always a fan of mindful deprivation from time to time as a way to exercise […]

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Mind Meld 84 | Naming Your Demons with Psychological Mystic, Erick Godsey

Join cognitive psychology-based therapist and self-spelunking mystic, Erick Godsey and I (I’d peg him as a cocktail of Carl Jung, Robert Anton Wilson, George Carlin and early Syphilis-era Nietzsche) as we dissect the neurosis of the western mind, excavating your ideal self, the bottomline shared by all mystical traditions and more. Catch his podcast, Metprogramming here. […]

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