Mind Meld 84 | Naming Your Demons with Psychological Mystic, Erick Godsey

Join cognitive psychology-based therapist and self-spelunking mystic, Erick Godsey and I (I’d peg him as a cocktail of Carl Jung, Robert Anton Wilson, George Carlin and early Syphilis-era Nietzsche) as we dissect the neurosis of the western mind, excavating your ideal self, the bottomline shared by all mystical traditions and more. Catch his podcast, Metprogramming here.


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Erick Godsey and I always seem to manifest some sort of special loquacious harmony. It just flows when I rap with this guy. we start talking and suddenly two hours have gone by, It’s like conversational time travel.

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As I mentioned, Erick hosts of the Metaprogramming podcast, which I had the pleasure of being a guest on awhile back. In which, he does some really fascinating question smithing that forces his guests into interesting psychological territory (I know I squirmed on it a couple of times).  If you want to hear the sound of my archetypes wriggling, you can check out my appearance on Erick’s show here.

Musings in this mind meld include – 

  • Why so many young people are depressed and what they could be missing

  • Growing toward the unreachable ideal and why you can touch it but you keep it

  • Is God/potential/the transcendent an unfinished progression?

  • Identifying with Greek Gods and why it’s useful
  • The secret to all mystical traditions – it’s all you

  • Why you have to add sacred time into your day

  • What “noding” is and why it’s key

  • Why prayer is misunderstood and marvelous mystical, self-hacking tool

  • The lost art of the essay – it’s a written meditation

  • The point of forcing people to answer ridiculous questions and how it can shed light on their psychological hangups

  • Jung and the techniques he used to get into altered states

  • Why symbols run deeper than language

  • Nietzsche, syphilis and the philosopher’s stone

  • The hero’s journey archetype, Joseph Campbell George Lucas, Star Wars and Indiana Jones



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