Mind Meld 83 | ANDROID JONES – A Yearning That Will Never Be Quenched

Android Jones is not only a visionary artist, he’s a visionary. If Elon Musk took a bath in Ayahuasca, was a highly gifted artist and read the Vedas a few dozen times, you might produce a being similar to Android Jones.  


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These Android Jones mind melds are always something of a benchmark. Of course, he was the guest on our first episode, so that’s an obvious one. But in this case, we’re not talking numerical benchmarks, we’re talking psychic ones. In fact, this conversation is like a technodelic State Of The Union. It truly represents what Third Eye Drops is all about.

Conversational gratification aside, nothing else feels particularly stable right now. It’s like we’re halfway down the birth canal of chaos, tumbling down an encrypted binary slip-and-slide toward god-knows-what. Maybe we’ll splash down into milk and honey– a future full of transcendent Nietzschian Ubermen and self-realized victorious Campbellian hero-sages spreading technodharma throughout the digiverse. Or is it what we all fear? A nosedive into dystopian desire. A future further molding us into inflamed, deformed, dopamine-addled epicureans obsessed with brining our individual ids in pleasure.

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Of course everything I outlined above is probably a false dichotomy. It’s never total enlightenment or complete hedonistic regression. Reality is more like a continuous tug-of-war between the two.

The roundabout point of this whole ramble, though, is that I’m so very glad to consider these musings with a creative beast like Android Jones. As you probably know, “visionary art” has become a well-defined thing. It’s a genre. So, in my estimation, Android Jones has transcended that distinction. As you’ll hear, between the thoughts flowing through him, the projects he’s working on and his vision for the future, this dude is in his own category. He’s Muskian. That is, if Elon Musk took a bath in Ayahuasca, was a fantastic artist and read the Vedas a few dozen times.

Musings in this mind meld – 

  • Patron only bonus – Some of Android’s biggest philosophical influences, how fatherhood has changed his perspective and more
  • Android’s disruptive projects- Microdose VR, and full-dome story-telling, art and more
  • If we could, should we bestow consciousness, awareness and freewill upon creatures?
  • The meta-narratives that rule our stories. Being aware of them, changing them
  • The “technodharma” and how Android Jones is actually spreading it
  • The ego is inextricably linked to your actions, so there is no selfless, pure action (and that’s ok)
  • Is there an “awakening” happening, or is our collective ego winning out?
  • Deja Vu, simulation theory, consciousness and more
  • Why do we think consciousness can live in a digital format?
  • Basing your identity and social interactions around outrage is a blemish on society
  • The key differences between computing power and consciousness
  • “Bitcoin is the Jesus of money”
  • What is “the flippening”?




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