Mind Meld 121 | The Secret Golden Flower with Erick Godsey

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Erick Godsey is a psychology extraordinaire and self-spelunking mystic who hangs out at the intersection of Carl Jung and Robert Anton Wilson.

In this mind meld, Erick slings insight from his recent shamanistic sessions Peru and a dose of ego eradicating Ketamine. We also talk spiritual fake news, understanding and upgrading the self through myth, the power of symbols and oodles more!


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Sever the shackles! Slay your doubt demons! Judo your situation! Evade the tidal wave of resistance, chaos and mediocrity in whatever form you’re confronting it. 

Sounds sexy (and exhausting), but what does all of that actually mean?

The answers, of course, will vary by individual. For me though, it’s about the small moments. It’s the daily decisions that eventually pile up into objective progress– Did I go to the gym? Did I finish the project? Did I put my all into the shit that really matters to the unfinished being I want to be?

I’d also like to submit Erick Godsey, our guest on this one, as a case study on how the shackle severing is done. Erick has truly grown since last we spoke. He’s had some absolutely incredible trips, both geographic and psychic as of late. He also landed his dream job at Onnit Labs in Austin, one of the few companies that actually fully embraces the very kind of esoteric individuation-based shenanigans we’re talking about here and in this mind meld (more on all of that in the cast, of course).

But, that’s plenty of pontification for now, so I’ll just say Erick and I have a rare conversational alchemy. It just flows. I truly believe this episode has some of my favorite anecdotes and novelty nuggets.

Musings in this mind meld 

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  • The difference between a psychedelic experience with a shaman or on your own

  • To bottle the transcendent experience into the form of a story is to do violence to it

  • “Type A” and “Type B” questions

  • Journaling is magic because it allows your unconscious to converse with your ego

  • Does the story you’re telling yourself help you live the life you want to live?

  • The ego is the front door of a mansion

  • Why Ketamine is “clinically divine”

  • We’re all kids on a beach trying to build sandcastles

  • “Men do not have ideas ideas have men”

  • Myths are so real that they don’t exist

  • A palace between rational truth and metaphorical truth

  • Spiritual fake news

  • There’s a spirit in the oak seed that wants to be a tree

  • Let ideas have sex, reproduce and augment

  • The vastness of the individual psyche is larger than every idea that’s ever been created.

  • Whatever god is, it’s not divided

  • Jung on his belief on god



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