Five Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself In the New Year with Erick Godsey

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**Silence your inner cynic before proceeding**

At the root of the contrived resolution craze, there is a noble seed– An earnest desire to better ourselves.

Still, most of us never carve out a time to crystalize what that means and even if we do, we wind up not following through.

Let’s put an end to that. Let’s do this right now. Let’s slice through the platitudes and silence our excuses. Let’s assemble a simple, actionable process that will allow us all, Zeus willing, to really start navigating toward our desired destinations.

With us at the helm once again is my brilliant friend Erick Godsey, self-styled psychology extraordinaire and self-spelunking mystic who hangs out at the psychic intersection of Carl Jung and Robert Anton Wilson.


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There’s a wriggling, jaded contrarian emanation being broadcast from deep in my psyche. A desire to be countercultural and go against the grain that I can’t turn off.

When I can get beyond that though, I have to admit, at the root of the resolution craze there is a noble, necessary seed — An earnest desire to better ourselves. If we lose that, what are we doing? Where are we going?

The question is, how do we water that seed? How do we sharpen that desire into a hair-splittingly honed instrument of progress?

I’m not sure, but I’m going to share what works for me. I’m taking a psychic stab at wrangling those answers into the simplest possible terms so that we can all, Zeus willing, launch ourselves in the right direction this solar cycle (or whenever you happen to be encountering this).

A word of warning– Yes you can sit there and passively listen to this as if it were just another podcast but that is not the purpose of this mind meld. We’re here to make a covenant with ourselves. To do that, you’ll need to grab a pen and force yourself to do these exercises. If you do, your psychic seed of improvement will begin to sprout. You’ll find that it will immediately take root in your thoughts and actions.  

Below are the five questions and the directions for creating Erick’s Promethean Pyramid of Wokeness ™  (jk it’s not really called that I just made that up).

Much love to all of you and may these questions and exercises ignite the wick of who you want to be.

The Five Questions

1. What am I about, what do I want to be about? (Be as specific as possible)

2. How do I condense that into actionable steps?

3. What are at least one or two things I can sacrifice to that process that will give me more time? (there should be low hanging fruit, things you know you waste time on)

4. How do I categorize and prioritize who I want to be? (See the pyramid below for a way to do this)

5. How do I begin to surround myself with the right tribe and remove people who are holding me back?

Pyramid Architecture 

(For visual examples of this, become a Patreon patron or check out Erick’s instagram)

  • Bottom layer/Foundation: Daily habits
  • Second layer: Intellectual/personal pursuits you want to give time to
  • Third layer: Your projects or vocations you want to focus most on (there should only be a couple)
  • Penultimate Layer: This is your ethos. What, in a couple of words is your highest ideal?
  • Ultimate Layer: The ineffable. Although you don’t write anything here, contemplate what this symbol means to you and how it informs, allows and influences everything below it.



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