Mind Meld 139 | The Impossible Intersection of Mind and Matter with Mitch Horowitz

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Where do our minds meet matter? Do our thoughts impact reality?

Miracle Club author, and scholar of all things esoterica, Mitch Horowitz enters the mind meld to discuss.


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Among the most compelling questions about the human mind is where it ends. Are the mind’s borders clearly defined physically at the walls of the cranium or is there something extra-physical about it?

I am of the mind (no pun intended) that some of us are too eager to overlook the physical majesty of our minds. I know I’m often guilty of it. Clearly I love to prognosticate about panpsychist and psychic possibilities. It’s tantalizing stuff, in fact we’ll being doing a fair amount of that sort of thing in this very mind meld. That said, there is an incredibly vast ocean of chemical harmonies keeping the whole orchestra of the self running, it informs our moods, rules our autonomic functions and supplies us with that sweet, sweet dopamine. In short, when you start trying to comprehend the vastness of the human brain– all of its innumerable neurons, neurotransmitters, networks and hormones, you might as well be trying to comprehend the universe itself.

Material majesty of the mind aside, most of us have had experiences that seem to pierce through the membrane of what’s physically possible– wild synchronicities, transcendence, precognitive episodes, the list goes on.

For me, those examples (and my own personal experiences) are intriguing enough to make me wonder. Are our minds connected to something larger? Perhaps there is an unknown or immaterial substrate that connects us to a larger field of consciousness. If that’s the case, the nature and power of our thoughts may be far more consequential than we suppose.

My friends, we are exploring these very queries and more with someone I’ve come to admire very much over the last couple of months, author Mitch Horowtiz. He’s written a number of books including Occult America and his latest, The Miracle Club, which earnestly explores the power of the mind and what influence it holds over reality.

Musings in this mind meld include —

  • Does the mind reach beyond the brain?
  • Do our thoughts have causative power?
  • Why it’s of paramount importance to earnestly identify a chief aim in life
  • The power of being lowered into the and emerging from it
  • Why we need a heroic moment
  • Why we must develop “A cry from the depths of our soul”
  • Hypnagogically programming yourself
  • Has science proven that the mind has power?
  • Why The Best Spiritual Practice Is One You Develop Yourself
  • The nine month experiment from Mitch’s Book The Miracle Club



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