Mind Meld 134 | The Myths That Make Us with Erick Godsey

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Erick Godsey is a self-styled psychology extraordinaire and self-spelunking mystic who hangs out at the intersection of Carl Jung and Robert Anton Wilson.

In this mind meld, Erick and I rap about some lesser-known nooks and crannies of the life of the great psychologist-mystic Carl Jung, why we need to be mindful of our myths, the mystical majesty of the show Maniac and much more.


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This is easily the best podcast I’ve ever been a part of two days after having wisdom teeth ripped out my head. I’ll be honest, toward the beginning I did have the odd sensation that I was pretending to be myself or something. Oddly, I think it actually impacted the conversation positively because I truly enjoyed this one.

Aside from the slight delirium and fresh wounds, I had a tremendous time rapping with Erick. As you know if you’ve heard any of our previous mind melds, Erick is an uncommonly inspired, knowledgeable passionate fella. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the fields of psychology and myth, as well as plenty of firsthand self-exploratory, psychonautic experience. All of which happen to be some of my favorite frostings to top my conversational and cognitive cake with.

Musings in this mind meld 

  • Erick’s slow climb up the mountain of words that is Carl Jung’s collected works
  • Lesser known corners of the life of Carl Jung, how he discovered the collective unconscious and shifted toward a more mystical outlook
  • How to use myth as a tool to better yourself
  • Make your myths serve you, not the other way around
  • How identifying with myths too deeply can be counter-productive
  • Why you should put the modern mystical masterpiece that is the show Maniac at the top of your list of media items to consume
  • Watch out for proxy conflicts
  • Vaccinating yourself against suffering without wallowing in it
  • Erick’s pyramid of individuation and why it’s useful to create symbolic containers for your goals

Featured art by Fenghua Zhong 



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