Mind Meld 190 | Creativity and the Subconscious Mind with Nick Onken

Photographer, artist, and podcaster, Nick Onken enters the mind meld!


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In this one, we chat about how Nick went from being an artistic kid to photographing some of the biggest celebrities in the world. We also rap about overcoming conditioning, why it’s so important to dive into your subconscious programming, the power of psychedelic medicine and oodles more.

Nick Onken is a creative whirlwind of good vibes. In addition to being a tremendous photographer and artist, he’s extraordinarily well-spoken and wields an amazing sense of style.

We met at the WITMA event in New York a few months back and I knew I needed to rap with him on the pod. So, rap we did!

Nick shares what his path as a successful creative looks like. We also wax about why it’s incredibly important to find ways to pierce into your subconscious. That dovetails into how psychedelics can both heal and destabilize depending upon their (and your) context.

Nick is a beaut. Follow his fantastic Instagram account and check out his pod, Neon Radio

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