Mind Meld 191 | Surfing Psychedelic Counterculture with Michelle Janikian

Author and psychedelic Journalist, Michelle Janikian enters the mind meld!


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Michelle Janikian is the author of Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion. She’s also a journalist who’s written for publications like High Times, Rolling Stone and Playboy.

In this one, we riff about the state of psychedelic counterculture and where it’s headed. We also get into our own spiritual meanderings and why we definitely need a Mulder/Scully psychological protocol.

Though they’re often sneakily bundled together Verizon-style, there’s a big difference between stigma and counterculture– One psychological subscription is useful and constructive while the other is almost exclusively a waste of energy.

Counterculture actually has the capacity to move things forward. Taboo, on the other hand, is often fertile ground for marginalization and propaganda. Take the evolution of the discourse around psychedelics for example. When the conversation was dominated by taboo, a fear-based knee-jerk reaction was par for the course. Nearly every time I’d broach the topic with the uninitiated they would parrot whatever they grew up hearing– “Can’t they make you go crazy?!” “Doesn’t LSD make people jump out of windows?!” “Don’t you know those things can damage your chromosomes?!”

When erroneous ideas like the above wriggle into our minds at a young age they’re difficult to cleanse. It’s as if they’ve calcified into our synapses.

Still, against all odds, beliefs are changing. In this pod, Michelle and I speculate about why the tides are finally turning in the narrative around psychedelics. From there we, as you might expect, begin to meander– We muse about our respective spiritual escapades, whether or not plant communication is a thing, why we need a Mulder/Scully psychology protocol and oodles more.

For more on the wonderful, whimsical Michelle Janikian, open the portals to her website and her instagram.

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