Mind Meld 192 | Awakening From the Meaning Crisis with Professor John Vervaeke

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Professor of philosophy and cognitive science, John Vervaeke enters the mind meld!

John is the creator of a fabulous series of youtube lectures– Awakening From the Meaning Crisis. In it, he dives into everything from philosophy and psychology to mystical experiences.


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I’m convinced that somewhere within this sprawling conversation with John there’s a profoundly nutritious philosophical recipe. An ideal Socratic sandwich of sorts.

We owe this psychological satiety to our stupendous guest on this mind meld, Professor John Vervake. I’ve become a big fan of John’s work over the last few months, particularly his Awakening From the Meaning Crisis youtube lectures (be sure to click that link to see why, wonder-dippers!).

This meaty mind meld is sprinkled with all of some of my favorite seasonings–

  • What this ‘meaning crisis’ is, why we’re in it, and how to escape it
  • Rationality versus empiricism
  • The importance of developing inward-facing practices
  • Why anamnesis is key
  • Why mythological context is incredibly valuable
  • The transformative power of psychedelics
  • Cognitive science
  • Our deep need for new, participatory, neo-socratic learning modalities
  • What John sees as the next great challenge after the meaning crisis

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