Mind Meld 193 | Trial and Error, Joy and Terror with The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo

Mercurial multidisciplinary artist, the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo enters the mind meld! 


Michaelangelo creates ‘cosmic, comedic, and contemplative content. He’s a multimedia artist who finds expression through visual media, music, writing, acting/performance, filmmaking, and oratory storytelling.’

Every now and then I encounter a truly unique being. Yes, I suppose everyone who comes on the show is uniquely special in some way (else why feature them?) However, amongst them, there are the unique of the unique. The totally one-of-a-kind whimsey wielders that sort of defy explanation and categorization. They’ve just got a very special psychic smell to ’em. A palpable je n’ais quoi. And that is precisely how I’d describe our guest on this one. He goes by the moniker ‘The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo.’ He paints, he pods, he makes music and he’s definitely a wordsmith. He can spin a yarn with the best of them. He’s got some sort of mercurial transmission flowing through his astral ethernet cable, for sure!

You can catch his podcast, Self Portraits as Other People  , other works, and Patreon here.

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