Mind Meld 194 |Chaos, Quarantine, Love, and Potential with Dr. Miles Neale

Contemplative psychotherapist, Dr. Miles Neale returns to the mind meld to guide us through the quarantine and chaos. His book, Gradual Awakening is available now.


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In this mind meld, we chat about the power of contemplative study in times like this, why we need a middle-way approach more than ever, and why the hero’s journey just went from hypothetical to literal for millions of people.

I’ve had this chat with Miles planned for a while, but my god, am I happy we did it when we did. If you’ve heard previous pods of ours, you know Miles has a beautiful, optimistic, yet serious perspective. One that encourages personal accountability and direct action.

Miles is what I’d call a contemplative psychologist. More specifically, in addition to his clinical training, he’s got over 20 years of experience studying Tibetan Buddhism and I deeply appreciate his unique insight, especially now. I also am really grateful for this vulnerability and doubt. After all, what’s more human than that?

Check out his book — Gradual Awakening, and check out his contemplative studies program and all of his other happenings at milesneale.com

In this one, we chat on–

  • Why this crisis the time to use contemplative wisdom
  • The importance of the middle way
  • How Campbell’s hero’s journey has gone from hypothetical to literal on a global scale
  • The power of not asking for permission
  • Our deep need for community
  • Memento Mori

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