Mind Meld 195 | Detangling Your Script with Cory Allen

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Author, meditation instructor, host of The Astral Hustle podcast and dear friend, Cory Allen returns to the mind meld! 


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In this one, we rap about the sweet spot between doing and being, the best tools for detangling your mind, the importance of hopping in and out of mind-altering portals carefully, and the Rock’s back.

This was recorded in what seems like a distant age– A time when the Rona was just a distant glimmer of nastiness (at least from a privileged western standpoint). So, if you’re wondering how we managed the miracle of not mentioning it for over an hour, that’s how.

More importantly, the ever-insightful Cory Allen is in the wonder-dip. He’s the author of Now Is the Way, he’s a meditation facilitator, host of the Astral Hustle podcast and a dear friend.

Find more on all of the above as well as his latest binaural beats over at cory-allen.com

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