Mind Meld 48 | The Most Powerful Symbol with Simon Haiduk and Noah Lampert

Simon Haiduk is a British Columbia-based visionary artist.

Noah Lampert hosts the Synchronicity podcast and runs the Mindpod podcast network.



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Check your ego armor at the threshold and shine a light on the dark corners of your psyche in this symbol summoning, mystery manifesting mind meld! 

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Musings in this mind meld –

  • Hiring Nazi scientists Operation Paperclip 
  • MK Ultra
  • Past and current information war
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming 
  • No one can control information- or can they?
  • Symbols their power and how they become corrupted 
  • The hypnogogic realm and the source of symbols
  • How we become imprinted by small traumas  
  • Don’t be a dick, but don’t walk on egg shells either
  • Michael Simon and Noah share personal wounds that effect the way they interact with people 
  • The MINDWAVE event in L.A.!



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