Mind Meld 49 | Hive-Minded Future Gods with Master Shaman, Hamilton Souther

Hamilton Souther spent over a decade living in the rainforests of Peru studying the way of the shaman. He’s the founder of Blue Morpho Tours, an Ayahuasca-based Peruvian retreat organization and his new endeavor, the U.S.-based White Morpho



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The truth is a dancing fractal, an in-flux sea of stochastic phenomena that’s up to us to decode absorb synthesize and define.

This means the existential jewels at the epitome of our condition that we romanticize and wax philosophical about must also be just as liquid. 

Let’s talk about “enlightenment” for example. In the colloquial sense, it’s more prevalent than ever. Symbols of it like the third eye are everywhere- memes, art, even stupid podcast titles. I’m willing to be genuine academic interest in the esoteric is experiencing renaissance. Also, usage of the word “woke” seems to be approaching Bieber-level pop-culture relevance. 

But from a practical standpoint, what does any of that mean? Is your wokeness my wokeness? Is my truth your truth? is my development going to look like yours? Of course not, it’s all subjective. Saying otherwise would be like insisting that there’s only one approach to art. 

So if the truth is a dancing fractal, by definition, you’ll never capture it in the same configuration twice. In other words, the truth of others only goes so far. As Hamilton says in this conversation, one of the most valuable lessons his master gave him was the message that his decisions are his decisions, his path is his path and our sovereignty is our sovereignty. 

Musings in this mind meld include – 

  • Forming a psychedelic symbiosis between tradition and modernity

  • Sensory perception is not reality

  • Why we’re looking back to shamans for answers

  •  Society is like a more prolific, resilient Disneyland 

  • Is it better to be born poor into nothing with a great teaching or born in the first-world with everything you need?

  • The power of sound, synesthesia and vibration and how they influence our consciousness 

  • Using modern music versus traditional sound accompaniments like icaros

  • How far does technology go as a tool for improving life? Should we draw the line somewhere? Can we drop our bodies and achieve a trans-humanist super-intelligence?

  • Where are we on the evolutionary curve?

  • The future is never either/or, it’s both

  • The power of personal sovereignty

  • “Blow job chocolate cake enlightenment” 





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