Mind Meld 32 | If You Name Me, You Negate Me, with Alexandre Tannous

Featured art by Simon Haiduk 

Sound researcher, musician and world-traveling gnostic-adventurer, Alexandre Tannous returns for another mind meld!



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This episode features one of those time-traveling flow-state dialogues where nearly 90 minutes flies by seemingly instantaneously (at least from my perspective). It was like some tiny quantum brain fairy caressed my pineal gland causing it to secret just the right amount of tryptamine to elicit an extended state of wonder and awe. It was truly that pleasurable. On that note, it would be fascinating to see what’s going on neurologically during an awesome, life-affirming, metaphysically stimulating chat like this one. 

Musings in this mind meld include –

  • Why we lose the feeling of awe and mystery as we age and what we can do to nurture it
  • The cultural forces that compel you to think the way you do and value what you do 
  • Why we romanticize ancient cultures 
  • Why religion and science alone aren’t existentially satisfactory  
  • Fine-tuning your awareness and curiosity and creating a practice 
  • Were the works of Plato hiding universal truths about math and melody?
  • The trial of Socrates and his forced suicide 
  • What were the ancient “mystery schools” that so many famous philosophers speak of?
  • Hermeticism and the Kybalion
  • The shamanic model, ayahuasca and the culture clash that occurs when they enter modern life and the modern mind
  • The power of sound in shamanistic systems 
  • You can only listen to the experiences of others for so long, eventually you have to do your own work
  • Why the language we use for “spiritual” experiences is lacking
  • Exploring inner-spaces takes practice, just like anything else   
  • John Lamb Lash and his book Not in His Image
  • The importance of the multidisciplinary approach and why we need a well-rounded tool set to explain reality 
  • Alexandre’s personal spiritual experiences and
  • The difference between romantic love and cosmic love 
  • The power of sound to enhance meditative or psychonautic exploration
  • Unlearning and creating  a new relationship with sound   



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