Mind Meld 181 | The Hidden Harmony with Stuart Holland

Visual artist and mystery-seeker, Stuart Holland enters the mind meld to riff on the power of kindness, the heartbreak of existence, the power of myth and more. 


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“Self-consciousness is a stoppage because it is like interrupting a song after every note so as to listen to the echo, and then feeling irritated because of the loss of rhythm.” -Alan Watts

So good, so true.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t even know there’s a song we could be singing a harmony in. We’re so stuck in our heads that everything seems dissonant, disconnected, out of synch.

One of the few things that mitigates that disconnection is art. It has a way of italicizing that omnipresent biochemical, psycho-spiritual astral orchestra that’s always playing.

It’s safe to say Stuart Holland is in agreement. As you’ll hear, we resonated on numerous levels– The power of myth, kindness, psychedelics, creativity and oodles more.

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