Mind Meld 182 | Giving Birth to a New Myth with Charles Eisenstein

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Author and speaker Charles Eisenstein enters the mind meld to chat about a better future, the new myth that’s emerging, the psychedelic revolution and oodles more.


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This is the era of the gray area.

For instance, take a moment– What do you believe in with the purest conviction?

Got it?

I promise you, there’s a pretty solid argument against that thing even existing.

That gray area seems to extend out as far as my puny intellect can manage to stretch, so what do we do with that sort of omnidirectional ambiguity?

This is where the importance of story comes in. This is why a solid personal and cultural mythos is so vital. Without one, we’re all just flailing in a tomb of cold inert measurements. 

The question is how do we smith a story that’ll hit our heart with maximum intensity? Furthermore, can we build one that lifts up not only ourselves but the collective? That’s what the world is crying out for.

Charles Eisenstein has pumped a tremendous amount of insight into the above and so many other topics– Economics, sustainable agriculture, spirituality and more. I also have to say, there’s a palpable scent of love lingering over all of it. His creations and ideas really emanate from his heart.

Charles Eisenstein is the author of several sensational books including Sacred Economics, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible and Climate, a New Story. He also hosts a podcast– A New and Ancient Story.

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