Can the Universe Hear You Thinking? with Alex Ebert | Mind Meld 245

Alex Ebert

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Best known as the lead singer for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Alex Ebert is a musician, artist, and writer. In this mind meld, we riff on why uncertainty is sacred, the importance of authenticity, where creativity comes from, whether or not the universe hears your thoughts, and more!


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In the last year of his life, Carl Jung wrote something that’s always stuck with me. He mused that perhaps god “…needs man to illuminate his creation. If god had foreseen his world, it would be a mere senseless machine and man’s existence a useless freak. My intellect can envisage the possibility, but the whole of my being says ‘no’ to it.”

This, if true in any way, it explains a lot. It points to our innate desire for neatness, completion, symmetry, improvement, and understanding. But, the shadow of that imperative is a tendency to jump to convenient conclusions, bypass, and delude ourselves.

If we fall prey to the latter, we miss a crucial opportunity. We shun part of reality for a palatable lie. We miss our chance to truly illuminate a little bit of creation, as Jung put it.

Maybe that’s the mythos we’re missing– A recognition that the work is deeply undone. That it’s humanity’s collective duty as self-aware nodes in an unnamable fractal infinity to acknowledge that and do something about it, especially when it entails healing at the ugly, gnarled parts of ourselves and the world.

And, on that note, I’m getting dramatic and pedantic, so back to Alex– He’s an eloquent mercurial silver-tongued human with a rare talent for gesturing back at that the great raw mystery of it all, warts included.

We orbit around that a lot in this mind meld. We also riff about the sacredness of uncertainty,  the damage and the beauty of the manifestation mindset, how to keep space for the mystery without succumbing to dogma, and more.