Mind Meld 131 | Mind Yoga with Cory Allen

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Author, meditation instructor and host of The Astral Hustle podcast, Cory Allen returns to the mind meld to talk flow creativity, happiness, depression, purpose and more!


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Language, of course, is a wrapper for thoughts and feelings. Not a great one, but a serviceable one. I strongly believe that we’ll, eventually, invent something far more accurate. A technology via which we’ll be able to directly impregnate one another’s minds with thoughts and feelings, some sort of mind melding brain to computer hive consciousness device.

Until then, though, we’re stuck with mouth noises. Shortcomings aside, they go a pretty long way when they flow from the right facial orifice. Cory Allen has a pretty nice one. That’s why I’ve done, like, 15 episodes of this show with it, or him, or whatever the proper pronoun is at this point. 

Ok, it’s not actually 15 podcasts but here are all of the Third Eye Drops episodes he’s been on.

I say this in every Cory cast, but these are some of my favorite mind melds for a few reasons– Our friendship enables us to get right into the pocket. Nothing is off the table. We say whatever we want (though sometimes we can’t publish it). They continuously lead to surprising insights and because they’re incredibly fun.

This one in particular was just a flowing freestyle from the get-go. It felt totally effortless. Again, I always say this when it comes to Cory convos, but this particular one is definitely my favorite. I was lying all of the other times. This one is the one.

By the way, if you don’t know– Cory is a multi-sided die of fascinating phenomena. He’s a writer (his debut book will be out on Penguin in 2019), he’s a musician and producer of sound, he’s a meditation teacher and he’s well traveled in terms of both inner and outer space (outer space meaning the external world, he has no off the planet escapades I’m aware of). He also hosts the lovely Astral Hustle podcast, which I’ve had the pleasure of being on many times.




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