Mind Meld 8 | Matt Xian of TIMEWHEEL – Creation, Fear and the Spirit Molecule

Matt Xian is the Creative Director and founder of TIMEWHEEL, a record label, website and artistic platform. He also creates music in the vibey sea of digital deliciousness known as Something Fiction.



If we spent as much time nurturing passions as we do our fear, the world would be a much shiner place. As Seneca, the great Stoic once said, “there are more things likely to frighten us than crush us. We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” 

It’s really that simple, you either let your self-constructed fears and anxieties run the show or you don’t. You either go for what you want in life with full vigor and determination, consequences be damned, or you settle. I don’t often make such authoritative proclamations about life, but this is an exception. It’s so glaringly obvious. Fear of failure is everywhere, it’s hugely present in my own mind and in the minds of everyone I’ve ever met. The only difference is some people face it. They get familiar with it. They actually taste the dirt of defeat, adjust and rise to try again.

Matt Xian (also known as Matt Humble) is one of these fear-facers. He left the well-worn path and forged into the weedy psychic minefield of self-doubt you must pass through to pursue any creative endeavor seriously. The product of his journey is TIMEWHEEL. If you’re not familiar, TIMEWHEEL is a platform for musicians and artists to spread their respective crafts. It’s also a vessel for all sorts of other mind-expanding content.

In addition to his work with TIMEWHEEL, Matt is also a musician who plays in the vibey sea of digital deliciousness known as Something Fiction

 So, go plug your consciousness into TIMEWHEEL. Get lost in their fear demon-exorcising talisman of excellent art, music and ideas. 



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