Mind Meld 101 | Fighting Fractalnoia with Kevin Kaiser

Kevin Kaiser is a best-selling writer and mystically-minded creative midwife.

We discuss the illusion of time, immortality, why we don’t know what we want and the story behind all stories.

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Your life is not one big tidy chronological tale. It has layers. It’s a nesting doll of discursive stories pressed upon you by culture, genetics and circumstance.

But those narrative-driven imperatives, no matter how minuscule or profound, actually obfuscate your real story. The one comprised of a synthesis between your greatest potential and most horrific fear. The one that calls out to you via subtle pangs of restlessness and existential angst. The one emanating from a locked box in the darkest, most frightening corner of your psychic basement.

That corner, of course, is precisely where you must go.

Musings in this mind meld include – 

  • Choosing or rejecting immortality – would the world be a better place if we never had to die?

  • Be ware of the hedonic treadmill

  • Tuning your soul’s song, the Sisyphus act of creativity and being rescued by flow

  • There’s only one real story. To find it, you must venture into the abyss

  • You’re allowed to succeed

  • You’re in your life NOW, it doesn’t start at in some hypothetical future

  • Thought experiment – Pretend everyone is a teacher

  • If you had a chance to do whatever you wanted with your life, would you even know what to choose?

  • “You are a drop in the ocean but you’re also an ocean in a drop”

  • Metaphors only go so far, eventually you must experience

  • Do we have to have a firsthand psychedelic or mystical experience to really understand spirituality?

  • The mystery is messy



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