Mind Meld 35 |Tales of the Vine with Master Shaman, Hamilton Souther

Featured art – Simon Haiduk

Hamilton Souther spent over a decade living in the rainforests of Peru studying the way of the shaman. He’s the founder of Blue Morpho Tours, an Ayahuasca-based Peruvian retreat organization and his new endeavor, the U.S.-based White Morpho


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We’ve all heard legend after legend about some sort of “other world.” It goes by many names in many cultures, but what if it’s more than a mainstay of fairytales? 

Alright, let’s dispense with the hypotheticals. If you listen to this show, you’re well aware that you can alter your consciousness in such a way that something, or somewhere else seems to reveal itself to you. A “place” so mind-blowing and so alien that it’s easy to forget there are experts of this space. 

That’s how I think of shamans. Hamilton Souther is one of them.  

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Musings in this mind meld include –

  • Hamilton’s journey into shamanism
  • The calling and the curiosity that lead to Hamilton moving to the jungle 
  • The harsh environment in the Peruvian rainforest – life covered in mosquito bites 
  • The importance of sensory alertness
  • Making sense of the shamanistic universe as a westerner 
  • Spiritual cherry-picking and re-appropriating words like “karma” into the western worldview
  • Making sense of all the different “answers” and philosophies trying to answer the same existential questions
  • Where does “healing” come into play as a shaman?
  • Shamanistic phenomena –
    • Having visions of what seem to be mythical beings 
    • Psychic phenomenons between shamans
    • Dieta and doing ayahuasca for 40 straight days
    • How typical psychedelic experiences differ from ayahuasca
    • Is it important to have a “traditional” ayahuasca experience?
    • More thoughts on healing, the placebo effect, facilitating the healing process as a shaman
    • There are many stories of sensing and communicating with animals, Hamilton’s take
    • What is this “other world” you access via Ayahuasca?
  • Our own abilities to change our minds and bodies in the right mindset  
  • Blue Morpho and White Morpho, Hamilton’s endeavors 
  • How Hamilton uses cannabis as tool for existential exploration
  • Hacking your neurology 
  • When you start a practice, you realize your mind has been hijacked 

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