Mind Meld 150 | THRESHOLD GUARDIANS with Colin Frangicetto

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Dear friend, Colin Frangicetto returns to the mind meld to chat about chaos, overcoming threshold guardians and the importance of saying ‘yes,’ even when it’s terrifying.

Colin is a musician and artist most well-known for playing in the band Circa Survive. 

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On a microcosmic level, we’re all, pixel by conscious pixel, incrementally perpetuating an unimaginable macrocosmic metanarrative. What I guess we could collectively call the tale of humankind. The mythos of man, if you will (in a non-gendered sense).

Though it’s impossible to fully grok, genius visionaries like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have come very close to poetically mapping this unimaginable epic. I know I continuously return to Campbell’s book The Hero With a Thousand Faces whenever I’m thirsty for inspiration or existential context (I truly can’t recommend it or his Power of Myth conversations enough).

That said, it’s difficult to apply these maps to ourselves directly because we all know how flawed we are. We all know all of our own deepest fears and insecurities. Surely we can’t be whatever it is an archetypical hero is. Surely these maps like Campbell’s monomyth (hero’s journey) can’t be talking about us as individuals in our beige, flawed lives, right?

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While no map is perfect or completely accurate. I contend that he is ( actually, Campbell said as much himself). When we dare to leave our comfort zones in the pursuit of something higher, we really are taking up the heroic monomyth mantel. Sure, I can see how saying that sounds self-important, but seeing it in action tells me all I need to know. Witnessing people overcome, succeed and sacrifice fills me with the electric essence of inspiration. For a moment I think to myself “ahh there it is! There’s the transcendent spirit of humanity poking through in that individual. There’s the evolutionary current that has pushed us to overcome untold odds.”

Given that, I love hearing individual stories of how it manifests in everyday life and I’m happy to say there are some absolutely wonderful instances of that in this very podcast with Colin Frangicetto.

As you may know, Colin is a wonderful artist and the guitarist of Circa Survive. He’s also become a very close friend.

Do be sure to follow him on the socials and pop your qualia over to his website.

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In our patreon-exclusive chat, we rap about flow, psychedelics, Ken Wilbur’s fabulous book The Religion of Tomorrow, if it’s even possible to save religion and more!



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